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California Pluralism Video Competition

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Lesson Plans


Veena Howard

Martin Luther King, Jr., as a Pluralist Theologian

Dr. Roy Whitaker

Religion and the First Amendment

Damon Huss

Religion and Cesar Chavez

Stephen Lloyd-Moffett

Cult is a Four-Letter Word

Rebecca Moore

Religion in the Novels of Rudolfo Anaya

Alex Espinoza

Islam in America: Muslims in the American Community

Najeeba Syeed-Miller

Judaism in America

Aaron Gross

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Rebecca Moore

The Difference between Race and Ethnicity

Howard Winant

Sikhism from the Punjab to California

Gurinder Singh Mann

Religion in the Novels of John Steinbeck

Susan Shillinglaw


Student Videos

Want more high-quality content about religious diversity in California? Check out the winners of the California Pluralism Project's 2016 video contest.